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Princes Trust launches 'Virtual support' for young people during lockdown

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Princes Trust are offering ongoing 1:2:1 support for Young People, exploring their barriers, goals and next steps, this is for any Young Person, not quite sure what they want to do, and needs to gain some motivation and confidence, develop their existing skills, talk about their fears, needs and getting them to take ownership of theirs next steps.

Hashtagng for young people across Nottinghamshire

They will receive tailored action plans, advice and guidance, access to Prince Trust programmes and hopefully get involved in group sessions where they can share experience and learn from others, make new friends, and generally improve their well being by being involved with something outside of their usual activities and peer groups.

If you know a young person who could benefit from this free, virtual support. Sign up at and be the first to get updates on this and other local opportunities across Nottinghamshire.

Download the Princes Trust guide and find out more about the services on offer.

QUICK_GUIDE_Princes Trust
Download PDF • 6.46MB

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