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Stop and search – stop and account? Do you know the difference? Do you know your rights?

Would you know what to do if you were stopped by the police? Watch the video.

Know your rights

Police officers and Police Community Support Officers have powers to stop and question you at any time - but they can only search you depending on the situation.

A police officer can only search you if he or she suspects you are carrying:

  • drugs

  • weapons

  • stolen property

  • items that could be used to commit crime or to cause criminal damage

  • certain types of fireworks

  • evidence of game and wildlife offences

  • alcohol at or en route to a designated sporting event

  • articles connected with terrorism

Turning 18? Understand how the law changes for you

Download the advice and information sheet for young people in the justice system who are turning 18.

YJLC Turning 18
Download PDF • 334KB

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