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Getting away from violence or dangerous groups isn’t always easy
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However violence might be affecting your life, you don’t have to deal with it alone!

Talking to someone can be a tough thing to do, but there are ways you can stay safe and you can always remain anonymous.

Hashtagng is an independent online youth network and resource for young people and their families in Nottingham city and county.

For young people in #Nottinghamshire who want to #stopviolence

There is a growing pressure amongst some young people to become involved in violent crime, if you or someone you know is involved or at risk of violence you should confide in someone you trust

 It could save a life!

Domestic violence / Sexual exploitation
Young people in Nottinghamshire expressed their thoughts about sexual exploitation and grooming. This short video raises awareness about sexual pressure and grooming
#Positive Choices
Hear the thoughts, experiences and advice given by 5 young people from Nottingham who despite their early childhood experiences have made positive choices and make Nottingham proud.
Community Interviews
We talk to people from Nottingham who have been affected by violent crime, we hear from the police, and a trauma surgeon based at Nottingham's Queens Medical Centre about the realities,the consequences and working together to #STOPVIOLENCE

Local Support

Useful Advice

What can you do to stay safe?
  1. Think about who your friends are. If older people are offering to hang out with you, ask yourself why. Think carefully before accepting things like: Food, money, weed, clothes or alcohol. This may lead to situations you will regret.

  2. If you are feeling pressured into doing things or committing violent crimes, talk to someone you trust. TELL SOMEONE!

  3. If you have a family member or adult you trust, who lives in a different town or city.  Think about getting away for a while, so you have some time to think - AND TIME TO TELL SOMEONE!

  4. It can be hard to remove yourself from social media, but it can be a good idea to take a break and enjoy activities in the real world. If you are concerned about violent threats online, you can block, report, delete AND TELL SOMEONE.

  5. If you feel under any threat of violence. Make sure you tell someone!

Want to report something in confidence? Click here 
If you have information about a crime or a criminal, you can pass it on anonymously by clicking above, or calling 0800 555 111
Real Stories
Find out how to help yourself

Getting away from violence or dangerous groups isn’t always easy, but it is possible to choose something else.

However violence might be affecting your life, you don’t have to deal with it alone!

Whether you are involved in violent activities, are thinking about carrying a weapon, or worried about someone you know getting involved in or threatened by violence – there is help and support available.

Talking to someone can be a tough thing to do, but there are ways you can stay safe and you can always remain anonymous.

Worried about a close friend?

If you are worried about a young person, it is important to seek advice and support.


If you are concerned about bullying, threats of violence, or you witness these things online, don’t be afraid to report it. If you are concerned about reporting something, speak to someone you trust and they may report it on your behalf.

If you see something – say something, it could make all the difference and it could save a life!

Are you a parent worried about a young person?

Most young people are not carrying knives and weapons, they are not involved in bullying, violent crime or gang related violence, and most want nothing to do with it.


However, the behaviour of a small number of young people who are involved, has a significant impact on communities, on their families and themselves.

Find support and advice for parents, carers and families here.

Online bullying 
Guided by youth focus groups based in Nottingham city and county, this video looks at the serious effects of online bullying  sharing violent videos on social media. Find out how you can make a difference.

Watch #NG Videos. Produced with young people from Nottinghamshire


County lines.jpg
County Lines (OT)
A True Story!
This video tells the harrowing story of a young person who became friends with a group of 'olders'.  After accepting food, money and weed, he later found himself being forced to go 'OT' (out of town) and commit crimes and 'earn a position'
Friends, Choices & Consequences
This series of short videos and real stories provide an understanding of how friends and large groups can become known as 'gangs'. We explore the harsh realities of youth violence and the impact on a young persons life, family and community.
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