Activities Opportunities & Support for young people in Nottingham City & County

Most young people are not carrying knives and weapons, they are not involved in bullying, violent crime or gang related violence, and most want nothing to do with it. However, the behaviour of a small number of young people who are involved, has a significant impact on communities, on their families and themselves. 

If you are a parent or carer, worried about a young person, it is important to seek advice and support. You can do this without getting the young person into trouble. Start by confiding in someone you trust and don't be afraid to report something - you do not have to go to the police directly and you can remain anonymous and talk in confidence.


If you are concerned about bullying, threats of violence, or you witness these things online, don’t be afraid to report it on social media, to your teachers, an adult you trust or to the police.


If you are concerned about reporting a violent threat or crime, speak to someone you trust and they may report it on your behalf.


If you see something – say something, it could make all the difference and it could save a life!

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