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Carrying a weapon makes me feel safe!

Some young people feel that carrying a knife or other weapon, or moving with large groups of friends, is a way to protect themselves from the risk of being attacked. In fact, carrying a knife or weapon can increase your risk of serious harm, for example, if your knife was taken from you and used against you. If you fear for your safety, carrying a knife is the worst way to protect yourself.

Don’t suffer in Violence!

_ Need some help?

Getting away from violence or dangerous groups isn’t always easy, but it is possible to choose something else.

However violence might be affecting your life, you don’t have to deal with it alone!

Whether you are involved in violent activities, are thinking about carrying a weapon, or worried about someone you know getting involved in or threatened by violence – there is help and support available.

Talking to someone can be a tough thing to do, but there are ways you can stay safe and you can always remain anonymous.

I'm not in a gang - they're my friends!

If you are friends with people much older than yourself, and you are changing your habits, removing yourself from your family, and feel under pressure to do things you don’t really want to, you should speak to someone and find a way to remove yourself from that group of friends.

The idea of protecting or being a ‘ride or die’ for your friends may seem like a good thing, but real friends won’t expect you to put yourself at risk of harm, death or prison.

Young people can become involved in ‘gang’ violence for many reasons. It may be for friendship, protection, a sense of identity, money, drugs, status or sex. However, the risks are high!

Be aware that a culture of violence has consequences and they can affect the rest of your life.

#You do have a choice

Older's, Youngers, and 'Going OT' (County lines) do you know the signs?

Going OT (Out of Town) or ‘Cunch’ is a term used by young people to describe being sent to other towns and cities, usually by older people, to sell drugs, commit violent offences, such as robbery, and in some cases young people are sexually exploited.

Know the signs!

If someone is trying to groom you into a gang, going ‘OT’ or carrying out violence, they will often start out being nice to you.

They may approach you offering protection, security and safety from other gangs, or areas. Eventually, you will have to ‘earn a position’ and that often involves committing crimes, including violent crime. Remember – real friends will never ask you to do things you don’t want to.

Don’t let yourself be used as a weapon.

VIOLENCE / GANGS / and ‘Going OT’

What can you do?

  1. Think about who your friends are. If older people are offering to hang out with you, ask yourself why. Think carefully before accepting things like: Food, money, weed, clothes or alcohol. This may lead to situations you will regret.
  2. If you are feeling pressured into doing things or committing violent crimes, talk to someone you trust. TELL SOMEONE!
  3. If you have a family member or adult you trust, who lives in a different town or city. Think about getting away for a while, so you have some time to think - AND TIME TO TELL SOMEONE!

Sexual pressure & Violent abuse - being asked to do things you don't want to?

If you are worried about yourself or a friend, or you want to talk to someone about an abusive or violent partner, or you want to talk about something that has happened to you, there are people you can trust and speak to in confidence. You do NOT have to give your name or details.

Don't suffer in violence.

However violence might be affecting your life, you don’t have to deal with it alone!



Find interesting ways you can spend your time.

One way to remove yourself from difficult or dangerous situations, or a dangerous group, is to put yourself in a better one. There are opportunities to do that all around you in Nottinghamshire.

Talk to someone who can help you find something you’re passionate about, try to meet new people and don’t be afraid to branch out of your own area.

Most young people are not carrying knives and weapons, they are not involved in bullying, violent crime or gang related violence, and most want nothing to do with it. However, the behaviour of a small number of young people who are involved, has a significant impact on communities, on their families and themselves. 

If you are a parent or carer, worried about a young person, it is important to seek advice and support. You can do this without getting the young person into trouble. Start by confiding in someone you trust and don't be afraid to report something - you do not have to go to the police directly and you can remain anonymous and talk in confidence.


If you are concerned about bullying, threats of violence, or you witness these things online, don’t be afraid to report it on social media, to your teachers, an adult you trust or to the police.


If you are concerned about reporting a violent threat or crime, speak to someone you trust and they may report it on your behalf.


If you see something – say something, it could make all the difference and it could save a life!

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